The OPS Sales Department is one of the most important benefits of membership in the Oklahoma Philatelic Society. The success of this service has drawn scores of new members to the OPS.
    • More than $19,000 sales annually
    • 900 Sales Books and growing
    • Items priced from 7ยข to $200.00
    • Fully Insured

The OPS Sales Department acts as an agent for members who wish to sell their philatelic material. The members purchase blank sales books, which come in two different styles:

8 page book with 4 three inch by four inch spaces per page
20 page book with 12 spaces per page for normal size stamps

After mounting, describing and pricing his/her material, the member sends the books to the sales department. We review the books to ensure pricing is not out of line.

The books are then sent in “circuits” to a list of individuals. Each circuit consists of approximately 22 books. The books are sent to the first individual on the list, who reviews the stamps, purchases items of interest, remits payment directly to the OPS, and then forwards the circuit to the next member on the list. Circuits go to as many as 6 individuals or clubs before being returned to the sales division by the last member.

Members’ books circulate in this fashion for up to 36 months or until the value of the books has fallen below $10.00. At that time, books are retired and returned to the owner along with payments for the items purchased. The OPS commission of 20% of the amount sold is deducted from the sales amount.

The multiple circuits are great for members who are beginning a new collecting interest or adding to an intermediate collection. We invite all members who are starting a new interest area or are building on an existing collection to try the sales division.

Frank Schultz
OPS Sales Department
3316 Morgan Creek Rd.
Yukon, OK. 73099
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