The OPS has received 2 donations of philatelic material which is to be sold for the benefit of the Society. Much of this material will be mounted in circuit books and sold through the OPS Sales Department. But some of it does not lend itself to circuit sales and will be offered ONLY to OPS and TPA Members through Net Price Sales. 100% of the proceeds goes to the OPS and prices have been set to encourage quick sales, in most cases at 25-30% of Catalog.

SALE NO. 1 Sold 13 of the 17 lots within 2 weeks of publication. This sale No. 2 is on a first come first served basis and will close on August 29, 2014. All net prices include shipping and handling and purchasers should order items either by email to or by USPS at Joe Crosby , 5009 Barnsteeple Court, Oklahoma City, OK. 73142. If your selected items are available, you will be sent an invoice. Upon receipt of payment, your purchases will be promptly shipped to you at no additional charge (no shipping and handling fee will be charged).